Akhanda Bhajanam 2017
Akhanda Bhajanam Poster

Interested bhajan mandali/groups wishing to participate in the program are kindly requested to inbox or contact us on 59102616 / 57593365.

Thank You.

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Yoga completes one’s life. It is an integral part of the education process. It not only nourishes the body, mind and int...

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Meditation is the supreme state of no mind, a state of non-thinking. It is the only science that can transform our lives and ...

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Obedience to the Laws of Nature leads one to a perfect life. The key solution to health problems lies in natural remedies ...

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Did you Know

Drinking water kept overnight in a copper pot keeps the heart healthy. Copper can destroy undesirable virus and b...

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Starting the day by drinking two glasses of lukewarm water followed by a glass of warm lemon water is highly recommended for clean...

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