Meditation is the supreme state of no mind, a state of non-thinking. It is the only science that can transform our lives and whole Being. Meditation is fundamentally awareness; it is an art of being aware, aware of what is going on inside and around you. It is the highway to your own Self.

To be aware one has to be totally relaxed and meditation offers that opportunity. Life has become so chaotic. People have become slaves in this contemporary world, constantly under stress and pressure and completely unconsciousness of their real nature. Only meditation allows you to discover your inner potential.

Meditation is a universal phenomenon that manifests throughout your very being. It helps illuminate both our outer and inner worlds. Meditation has nothing to do with religion; it does not turn man religious. Meditation guides you unto a peaceful, harmonious and compassionate life so that you can understand the governing laws of the Existence. It teaches man how to excel as a perfect human being with a universal open mind and broad vision to understand the wisdom of life.There is no greater freedom than living our lives spontaneously while being aware and mindful, totally detached from the expectations of others.

Meditation is the most beautiful adventure into the unknown; it is the greatest voyage that the human mind can partake.Meditation signifies growth of one’s divine nature. It is a flowering process. One learns to live in total awareness through one’s consciousness.

Intelligence is the only sword that can unlock all shackles commonly known as lust, greed, hatred, anger, egoism and jealousy. Intelligence brings freedom and spontaneity and can be attained through meditation solely. The society imposes various barriers that suppress one’s ability to develop one’s intelligence. Meditation liberates man from all such confinements.

Meditation is a journey in our inner being towards absolute aloneness, freedom and wisdom. It is a blissful state of your Being. One can develop one’s intuitive faculty through meditation.

The cleaning of the mind constitutes the first step in the process of meditation. Meditation belongs to the heart, not the mind; it involves no logic. Meditation embraces love, awareness, wisdom and bliss. At the end of the meditative process, you are purified and completely transformed. You are imbibed with divine energy and you discover your own Being and just be your own Self.

Based on his personal enlightening and enriching experiences, the Master Dr. R. Appiah explicitly defines meditation as follows:

  • Mastering of the senses
  • Enlightened and direct path to the Supreme
  • Destroyer of the Ego
  • Ignorance is killed
  • Tranquility becomes your nature
  • Anger is conquered
  • Transcend time, and union of the Self
  • I am that, I am neither mind nor matter
  • Overflow of divine love, bliss and wisdom
  • Never again in this painful world full of miseries and sufferings

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