Yoga completes one’s life. It is an integral part of the education process. It not only nourishes the body, mind and intellect but most importantly it feeds the inner spirit.Yoga is transcending the body and becoming the Master of the senses. It promotes perfect health physically, mentally and spiritually.

Yoga is the art of right living. It paves the way to a happy, harmonious, peaceful and tension-free life. Unlike the traditional education system, Yoga is a practical organism that allows one to develop one’s capabilities and competences. Purely spiritual, Yoga favours the spiritualization of one’s life. It is a universal philosophy of health, and not a sectarian affair, creed, religion or sect.

Yoga assists the common man in the practice of basic spiritual truth that is embedded in every religion of the world. Yoga can be practised by anybody: a Christian, a Buddhist, a Mohammedan, a Sufi or an atheist. Yoga signifies the union with the Divine, the Universal Spirit, the Supreme Consciousness that dwells in all. It transcends all caste and belief systems. It brings you to the abode of your own Being. Discipline (of both the body and mind) and self-control are the very essence of yoga.

Benefits of Yoga practice

Life today has become so hectic, full of stress and tensions. The quest for materialism and passion has rendered man so vulnerable. He cannot enjoy life leisurely; he is in constant hurry.Many people are suffering from nervous disorders.

Yoga brings perfection, peace, harmony and everlasting happiness, favours restful sleep while keeping the mind cool.

Yoga boosts one’s energy level, vigour, vitality and longevity. It maintains a high standard of health physically, mentally and spiritually and ensures success in every walk of life. Yoga rejuvenates an individual with renewed strength, confidence and self-reliance. It keeps the emotions in check and enhances the power of concentration at work.

Yoga is a transformation from:

  • Ignorance to Wisdom
  • Weakness to Strength
  • Conflict to Harmony
  • Hatred to Love
  • Want to fullness and wholeness
  • Limitation to Infinity
  • Diversity to Unity
  • Imperfection to Perfection
  • Animalistic nature to Divine; only then you can taste the divine glory and splendor of life.

Yoga completes one’s life. It is an integral part of the education process. It not only nourishes the body, mind and int...

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